About Oak Park

Oak Park Is a Place Where…

  • Children can come to know Jesus.
  • Teens can find the answers to the questions and problems of life.
  • Singles, Single Parents, and Seniors are important.
  • Parents can feel comfortable bringing their children and attending worship services together as a family.
  • The Word of God, the ministry of music, the need for fellowship and the opportunity for service is supplied for all ages.
  • The power and the presence of the Lord, along with our individual gifts and abilities makes all this possible.
  • People are willing to help you become all that God wishes for you to be. We care because Jesus cares!

We Believe…

  • God loves each of us and that He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to make payment for all our sins.
  • As we put our trust in Jesus, we become a child of God and have fellowship with the Father through the Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The local church is the place today where each of us can find the opportunity for worship, instruction in right living, fellowship as part of the body of Jesus Christ, and opportunity to spread the Good News of what Jesus did on the cross.
  • Oak Park Community Church is a place where God ministers to our needs and you also can find satisfaction in loving, praising, and serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose…

The purpose of Oak Park Community Church is to bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason, our objectives are to promote and establish our entire congregation in:

  • Worship: Assisting believers in worshipping God through praise, prayer, and servanthood.
  • Instruction: Both instruction of people unto salvation and instruction of believers towards a greater understanding of God and His plan for their lives.
  • Fellowship: Both fellowship with God and with man, and providing opportunities and encouragement to enhance both of these relationships.
  • Evangelism: The mission of the church is to spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.