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What We Believe: Heaven & Hell – by Pastor Brian 08/13/2017  <Video>

First Things First – by Pastor Dan Vesta 08/05/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Meaning of Life – by Pastor Brian 07/30/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Church III – by Pastor Brian 07/23/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Church II – by Pastor Brian 07/16/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Church I – by Pastor Brian 07/09/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: Communion II – by Pastor Brian 07/02/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: Communion I – by Pastor Brian 06/25/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: Baptism – by Pastor Brian 06/18/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Family of God – by Pastor Brian 06/11/2017  <Video>

Forgiveness: The WOW of God! – by Pastor Dan Vesta 06/04/2017  <Video>

Salvation: Rescued by God – by Pastor Brian 05/28/2017  <Video>

What Are People Anyway? – by Pastor Brian 05/21/2017  <Video>

What The Lord Has Done In Me (+Baptisms) – by Pastor Brian  05/14/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Holy Spirit III – by Pastor Brian 05/07/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Holy Spirit II – by Pastor Brian 04/30/2017  <Video>

Awana Sunday – Full Program  – 04/23/2017  <Video – message only>

It Changes Everything – by Pastor Brian 04/16/2017  <Video>

What’s So Good About Good Friday? – by Elder Dave Turnidge 04/14/2017  <Video>

Someone to Believe In – by Pastor Brian 04/09/2017  <Video>

I Really Want More Joy, But How? – by Pastor Larry Forsberg 04/02/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Holy Spirit – by Pastor Brian 03/26/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The 2nd Coming – by Pastor Brian 03/19/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Son – by Pastor Brian 03/12/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Father – by Pastor Brian 03/05/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Trinity – by Pastor Brian 02/26/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Bible II – by Pastor Brian 02/19/2017  <Video>

What Are God’s Things – by Elder Dave Turnidge 02/12/2017  <Video>

What We Believe: The Bible – by Pastor Brian 02/05/2017  <Video>

What Christ Has Accomplished Through Me – by Pastor Brian 01/29/2017  <Video>

Why We’re Pro-Life – by Pastor Brian 01/22/2017  <Video>

The Really Great Church Goes After Lost People – by Pastor Brian 01/15/2017  <Video>

Christmas Snapshots – #6 – by Pastor Brian 01/08/2017  <Video>

Christmas Snapshots – #5 – by Pastor Brian 01/01/2017  <Video>

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